Investment Focus

We are seeking a North American, privately held company to acquire or invest in and operate, which will provide you, the Entrepreneur, liquidity via a complete exit or a reduced operating role.

We would like to see that the company possesses several of the following attributes:

  • Sizeable and growing
  • High degree of recurring revenues
  • Fragmented market
  • Low complexity operations
  • Minimal cyclicality
  • Low disruption risk
  • History of profitability
  • Unique competitive advantage with potential for continued growth
  • Asset-light operations
  • Diverse customer base
  • Annual revenues of $5M to $30M
  • Minimum EBITDA margins of 15%
  • $1M to $5M of free cash flows
  • Entrepreneur is seeking to retire without an obvious successor in mind
  • Entrepreneur wishes to have a reduced role in the business going forward
  • Entrepreneur is looking to divest a non-core asset