Seller Benefits

At BTC Partners, we strive to build rewarding relationships with Entrepreneurs. We will help facilitate a liquidity event for you, the Entrepreneur, while continuing to build upon the success of your business. We understand you have invested a significant amount, emotionally and financially, into your business. Through hard work and dedication, we will build upon your legacy by ensuring that the business continues to thrive and the company’s reputation grows.

We have confidence that we will successfully facilitate any transition for you, from a complete exit to continued involvement with a reduced role. We distinguish ourselves by embracing the following:

  • Enduring Values

    We believe at the core of every strong and successful organization are these enduring qualities: strong morals, respect, hard work and teamwork. We are committed to maintaining these values.

  • Singular Focus

    We are only looking to acquire or invest in and operate ONE company. Your company will have our undivided attention and resources as we develop and put it on a path for sustained growth. We will be intimately involved in all aspects of the company on a day-to-day basis.

  • Long-Term Commitment

    We have no predetermined investment horizon unlike most private equity firms or investment firms. Our focus is to make sure your company prospers over the long-term rather than maximizing short-term profits. We don’t believe in taking shortcuts and are investing for the future.

  • Building Relationships

    We strongly believe that a company derives its power from its employees. We are committed to working with you, throughout the transaction and into the future, to ensure that your employees are treated as valued partners.

  • Best-in-Class Team

    Our extended team consists of serial Entrepreneurs, operators and investment professionals who have a collective wealth of experience acquiring or investing in and growing small to medium-sized businesses in North America. Together, we will make certain that your company continues to thrive. With a strong track record of executing successful M&A transactions, we know what it takes to ensure a seamless experience for all parties: before and after a transaction.

  • Flexible Terms

    Our financing comes from an investor base comprised of a best-in-class team. We can creatively structure a deal to suit your needs, ranging from lifestyle accommodations to tax planning considerations to a desire for ongoing involvement. You could take a new operating role, sit on the Board, keep an equity stake while monetizing part of your hard work or transition out entirely.

  • Timely Transactions

    We will be very engaged during any transaction as we work swiftly to move the process along, but take the time to properly manage issues as they occur. Our extensive track record in completing transactions helps us to focus on key items and we will do our best to address any concerns that you may have.

  • Strict Confidentiality

    We sincerely understand that the information shared with us is integral to your business. We maintain strict confidentiality at all times.

  • Succession Planning

    We’d appreciate the chance to connect with the prospect of working with you on your dedicated succession plan.

Please get in touch with us so we can get to know you better. We would appreciate the opportunity to learn more about your business and how we can help you in achieving your goals.